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       Nuo Fu  (Guangdong) Sanitary Ware Co., located in the historical and cultural city - Guangzhou, China. Is a design, development and production in one of the professional high-end bathroom products manufacturer, is committed to helping through advanced technology and excellent products that people realize to enjoy the arts, the pursuit of fine living.
Main products: European bathroom cabinet bathroom cabinet.
Enterprises since its inception, the art on the basis of aesthetics, and more emphasis on humane pragmatism elements. While the introduction of advanced production equipment and technology,   Nuo Fu (Guangdong) Sanitary Ware Co. production of "Raleigh Fu" brand sanitary products truly meticulous each process to ensure product quality. Therefore, since Raleigh Fu sanitary products available, has aroused strong repercussions market. The company's flagship product "bathroom cabinet" is more style atmosphere is elegant, flowing lines, both humane and practical design features, deeply favored by domestic and sanitary ware market.
"Constantly beyond, never stop" is our aim. There is a growing emphasis on the quality of life in today's product design shape and color in modern two musts. Our product is ergonomically designed with the theme, artistic decoration and the choice of quality products, raw materials production and processing, and to focus on environmental factors such as water-saving features, which made a batch of high-quality design products with modern features. Thus, we take reasonable mix of shape and color, giving you a visual and tactile aspects of a pleasant and comfortable feeling, let your busy life with a fresh touch of harmony.
At present, one, two, three gaps in the market Sanitary distributor / agent of investment work in progress!
The company has always insisted on "good quality, excellent service, heavy reputation" business philosophy, establish a comprehensive after sales service, determined to be "the best products, the best service," dedicated to you! Here, we sincerely welcome overseas businessmen and friends to visit our company, guidance.
Snow Fu taste of fine living, Snow Fu Yong bathroom with your side!


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